G950u Latest Security(December Patch) FRP Remove and Network Unlock

Hi Friends, I Will Teach You How To REMOVE FRP in G950u on Latest Security Patch(December patch) and UNLOCK NETWORK.

You Can’t remove  frp in BIT 2 firmware using old engboot file.

Download the engboot BIT 2 file from here.

Follow the steps below to remove FRP.

  1. First do hard reset and Reboot to bootloader from recovery mode.( Don’t power up the phone)
  2. Now flash the engboot BIT 2 file. ( Put the file in BL section of odin not in AP, it might not work)
  3. Wait for few minutes to boot up the phone and u will have adb enabled on your phone.
  4. Reset FRP. Here is proof

If you have confusion with the steps, watch the video from here.


For Network Unlock Follow me.

This idea only works in Sprint Locked Phones, don’t try on other phones.

  1. Download this combination file.
  2. Flash it.
  3. Select model as G935P and perform unlock operation.
  4. Flash it back it New Stock firmware.


” Good Luck”







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