G925F IMEI repair error Security damaged (1) solved


Hello everyone, today we are going to share you the idea of how to repair imei in security damaged G925F without having original efs and cert backup.

This idea is not only about repairing imei but also fixing drk error, emergency call, no service.

You can have this  type of problem in your device by flashing wrong firmware, playing with efs folder.

Don’t try to edit efs folder unless you know what you are doing or else you will end up screwing your baseband and imei number.


Now follow me.

  1. First of all, check your baseband. If your baseband is unknown, fix it by flashing combination firmware.
  2. Now root your phone by this file. Click Here To Download 
  3. Now back up your efs and cert.
  4. Open Z3x box and perform imei repair operation. You will get error security damaged (1) like this.
  5. Perform Reset EFS operation.
  6. After that write this NV data.     Click Here to download
  7. After writing NV data, don’t restart your phone. Go to imei repair tab and type your IMEI number and perform imei repair operation.
  8.  After doing this, your phone will restart itself. Now check your imei number. Your imei will be there.
  9. Now you have to patch certificate or else there will be emergency call problem
  10. Now put your sim card on your phone, it will ask unlock code. Perform unlock operation and you are done.

This idea is tested on binary 4 firmware. This idea also works in binary 5 and 6 firmware.


If you have drk problem in your device.

Put your phone into download mode and perform repair drk problem. Z3x will download drk fix file from its server and it will fix your device.

If it doesn’t fix your drk problem. I will upload  drk fix, baseband fix, cp/modem repair, sn repair tool in next post. Stay connected to us.







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