How to fix sw rev check fail all samsung model

Fix SW Rev check fail device 4 binary 3

Hello everyone, today we will show you how to fix binary error sw rev check fail while flashing in samsung device.
First of all, let me clear you the reason behind this error.

If you flash outdated or older build firmware than the actual firmware in your device, you will get this error.
If your phone is running on binary 4 firmware and you flash binary 3 firmware. You will get error like this.

This means you flashed binary 3 firmware in the device having binary 4 firmware.


All you need to understand is you can’t flash lower binary firmware in the phone if your phone has higher binary version. You can’t downgrade binary but can upgrade.

Now let’s find out in which binary version your phone is running on and how to choose correct binary version firmware for your phone.

Put your phone into download mode by pressing power key, home button and volume – at the same time.
You will see like this .

See the highlight of this picture.
You can see B:4 that means this phone A510F is on binary 4 firmware.
Now we have to download binary 4 or higher than binary 4 firmware.


To download the firmware, you can use any site.
For example you can go to sammobile or you can download from z3x shell.

Let’s discuss about how to recognize binary 4 firmware for A510F.

Go to sammobile and choose your model as A510F and search.
You will see like this.

Let’s have a look at first Firmware(Look at PDA).  A510FXXU5CRF1

A510F is model number and after that always ignore 2 alphabet(XX) and there is U5….This is your binary number U5 . It means this firmware is on binary/rev 5 . You can flash this firmware without having any problem.


This pattern applies in every samsung phone.

Now, this is how you can download correct firmware for every samsung phone and flash it without any difficulty.


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