SM-J701F Touch not working after update fix 100%

SM-J701F Touch not working after update fix 100%


Hi everyone,

        As you know that various Samsung devices are getting touch problem after update lately due to

the bug in the  latest firmware. It might be the headache for you if you don’t know the idea to fix it.

The idea is simple, you have to flash older build date firmware than the current one with having

same binary number. If you don’t know how to do it, we have made special file for you. This file can

fix the touch problem in SM-J701F. The best part about this file is, it doesn’t wipe your phone. The

userdata in the phone will not be affected. FRP Lock must be off and if your frp is on, turn it off by connecting mouse through OTG cable. You don’t need to full flash your phone.

Now follow the steps :

  1. Download the touch fix file.
  2. Put your phone in download mode.
  3. Open Odin and select this file in AP section of odin. 
  4. Flash it.


Voila, Now your touch should work like charm.










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